Bornstein & Song FSSI JanSan & MRO National Survey - June 2013

Bornstein & Song FSSI JanSan & MRO National Survey - June 2013

To present data and evidence to reevaluate the RFQ and suggest that the JanSan & MRO RFQ deadline be postponed until a revised RFQ is issued which does not limit competition and allows more vendors to submit quotes in response to the RFQ.

Survey Motivation and Objectives:

The motivation for this Survey was based upon the previous Bornstein & Song Research on the pilot Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) for Schedule 75 Office Supplies, OS2, which was implemented in June 2010.  Bornstein & Song is currently compiling an FSSI National Survey for the FSSI GSA Schedule 75 Office Supplies contractors for June 2010 to June 2013. This Survey will provide data and evidence of the FSSI impact on the Office Supplies community, the first to be affected by the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative.

Bornstein & Song wanted to determine whether the GSA learned any lessons from the previous RFQ for GSA Schedule 75 Office Supplies which had its Pre-Qualification Conference on March 18, 2010. At that Meeting, there was an outcry from the federal contractors who expressed their concern that their businesses would be severely negatively impacted by the selection of only 15 FSSI BPAs from among the 569 federal contractors within the GSA Schedule 75, at that time. 

Bornstein & Song was especially interested in the reaction to the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative from the JanSan & MRO community and whether they were informed of the FSSI and its strict qualification requirements, such as the AbilityOne certification requirement which was necessary for submittal of quotations for the RFQ.