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Mandatory JanSan & MRO FSSI

The FSSI mandatory issue is one of most important aspects of the FSSI for JanSan & MRO.

The Game Changer for Federal Strategic Sourcing:
The December 5, 2012 OMB Memo on "Improving Acquisition through Strategic Sourcing".

This OMB Memo is the game-changer, as OMB issued its intent to mandate FSSI for all federal government spending. As an example, the federal agencies require that all purchases of Office Supplies must be made from the 15 awarded FSSI BPAs.

The OMB created a group called the Strategic Sourcing Leadership Council (SSLC), which is comprised of the big 7 spending federal agencies who collectively spend over 90 percent of the federal contracting dollars. While the GSA accounts for only 7 percent of federal government spending, OMB will use the GSA FSSI as a template for future FSSI programs. The remaining 93 percent is spent through the other agencies. Nevertheless, all agencies will be expected to mandate spending using the FSSI.

The following are quotes from the December 5, 2012 OMB Memo which highlight the fact that FSSI will be made mandatory:

"At a minimum, the SSLC recommendations shall identify at least five products and/or services for which new government-wide acquisition vehicles or management approaches should be developed and made MANDATORY, to the maximum extent practicable, for the SSLC agencies.

"These efforts include, but are not limited to, issuing and enforcing MANDATORY use policies for government wide and agency wide strategic sourcing solutions...."