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Bornstein & Song Research Alert: If you sell to the Federal Government, you should know about the upcoming impact of the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) on your business.

Why this Website was Created:

Bornstein & Song has been researching the FSSI since its inception as it was applied to the GSA Pilot FSSI Program for Schedule 75 Office Supplies (OS2). The research concluded that the FSSI was detrimental for small businesses, jobs, and the US Economy. Bornstein & Song decided to develop this website as an informational tool to alert the federal government and the federal contracting community of the dangers of the FSSI in its present form.

The December 5, 2012 OMB Memo on Strategic Sourcing:

Bornstein & Song developed this website in response to the federal government’s decision to implement and make Mandatory the FSSI for annual federal government procurement of $500+ billion. The FSSI decision was clearly defined in the December 5, 2012 Office of Management & Budget (OMB) “Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies - Improving Acquisition through Strategic Sourcing”.

FSSI: "There will be winners and losers, and not all who want to sell to the government can sell to the government."

The OMB Memo made it clear that FSSI would be made mandatory for federal agency purchasing of goods and services. According to the Office of Federal Procurement Policy at the OMB, "Mandatory is what we're moving toward.   There will be winners and losers, and not all who want to sell to the government can sell to the government."

Immediate Sense of Urgency:

There is an immediate sense of urgency as GSA intends to implement 10 new FSSIs in FY 2013-2014, beginning with the Janitorial/ Sanitation Products (JanSan) and Maintenance, Repair, and Operations Supplies (MRO), and Building Maintenance and Operations (BMO), Office Supplies (OS3).

Most contractors and vendors are unaware of the FSSI:
Yesterday it was the FSSI for Office Supplies (OS2)
Today it is the FSSI for JanSan & MRO and Office Supplies (OS3)
Tomorrow it may be you:

All businesses selling to the federal government are vulnerable as the government implements FSSI on a Mandatory basis across all federal government spending. Bornstein & Song determined that the FSSI was going mostly unnoticed and the soon-to-be-affected federal contractors were unaware of the implications of this controversial and risky policy.

Highlights of the Website:

This website has vital information on the FSSI.

The Bornstein & Song Mission

A Faith-Based Vehicle for Good

Bornstein & Song developed this website as an informational tool to alert the Federal Government Contracting and Vendor Community of the dangers of the FSSI program. Having seen the damage the FSSI  has already caused for the Office Supplies (OS2) federal contracting community, and realizing that the FSSI is being fast-tracked and going mostly unnoticed, Bornstein & Song decided to alert the Community.

Bornstein & Song Research, since 2000, has been driven by their faith-based belief that they have been given this unique opportunity to be a "vehicle for good" to address issues which impact the small business community, jobs and the U.S. economy.

The Bornstein & Song Research has been self-funded.  Bornstein & Song have devoted their time, effort, and money to research Small Business Issues such as Strategic Sourcing in the Federal and State Government. Their research included other issues of concern such as Small Business Failure; Small Business Financial Literacy; the Unrecognized Link between Small Business, Jobs, Toxic Mortgages, and the Housing Crisis; and Small Business Access to Credit.

Prof. Bornstein
testified to the US Senate Small Business & Entrepreneurship Committee on April 16, 2008 and has testified to various State Legislative Committees (2009 -2015).

Samuel D. Bornstein: 37 year Professor of Accounting & Taxation, Kean University School of Business, Union, NJ.
Jung I. Song, CPA: Managing partner of Bornstein & Song CPAs & Consultants in Oakhurst, NJ.