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A Faith-Based Vehicle for Good

Bornstein & Song has thoroughly researched the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) and has concluded that the program will have a significant negative economic impact on private businesses and the US and State economies.

Bornstein & Song Research, since 2000, has been driven by their faith-based belief that they have been given this unique opportunity to be a vehicle for good to address issues which impact the small business community and the U.S. economy. 

Prof. Samuel D. Bornstein is a nationally recognized specialist on small business issues as they relate to the business community and to the economy at large. He has testified and authored small business legislation in various States and testified on the Impact of Strategic Sourcing before a California State Assembly Committee which was evaluating the California Strategic Sourcing Program.

He presented Bornstein & Song Research which quantified the economic, social, and other costs to the government which previously were not considered when California implemented Strategic Sourcing for State government contracts. As a result, the California Strategic Sourcing Initiative Program (CSSI) was put On-Hold.

The Bornstein & Song Research intends to refute the contention that the GSA FSSI is a cost saver, when in fact it is an economy destroyer. Their research demonstrates that the FSSI is responsible for the shrinkage and displacement of a significant number of businesses selling to the federal government, including small businesses identified as minority, women-owned, and disabled veterans.

The financial distress for these small businesses and resulting job loss for their employees has been the cause of much pain and suffering which has adversely impacted the U.S. economy by contributing to unemployment, small business failure, personal and business bankruptcies, mortgage defaults, foreclosures, and has delayed the economic recovery.

Samuel D. Bornstein is a 35 year Professor of Accounting & Taxation at Kean University School of Business,NJ. Jung I. Song, CPA is managing partner of Bornstein & Song CPAs & Consultants in Oakhurst, NJ.

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